Antivirus is a program which makes your system clean and safe from a harmful virus, worms, and attacks by a scanning process. It identifies suspicious websites and files that contain malicious programs before they enter your computer and block malicious tracking software from being downloaded to your computer. Automatic virus removal is a simple process, and it is also very extensive.

Meanwhile, we upgrade the Antivirus program including updates their virus registry. Certain updates are important because new viruses are published every day, and they can go undetected if the virus scanner is not up-to-date. A generic anti-virus checks the database or virus signature and a heuristic anti-virus uses a heuristic algorithm and checks malicious character in virus behavior by different statistical and other advanced means.

How Antivirus Software Works?

Antivirus software scans your computer in different ways to detect and clean the malware.

Traditional Antivirus programs use Signature-based malware detection where it scans the files and compares specific codes against the signature database. If it finds a duplicate file, it will either delete or quarantine the file, based on the program configuration. This type of program needs regular updates and its scanning process doesn’t require internet connectivity.

Some Antivirus software use Behaviour-based malware detection where it monitors the program instead of a software build. This type of scanning is called heuristics which has the ability to block new viruses. If it detects any abnormal behavior, either it will let you know or stop the suspicious program.

Other new Antivirus programs use cloud-based scanning where client software runs on desktop and establish a connection to the server in the cloud. This type of Antivirus software needs an internet connection to check what is happening across your network.

It may use the combination of the above techniques to find suspicious actions, block the relevant program and report the incident to the cloud.

Antivirus Software is Necessary

Not owning any antivirus software on your system is like inviting a criminal into the home or having an uninvited guest. They then create havoc or steal away from the owner. Nowadays the internet has implemented many ways for virus attacks and there are millions of threats. To be safe from these it is vital to police the computer and have it protected at all times. The Importance of Antivirus Software cannot be underestimated.