ESET Smart Security describes comprehensive protection for your everyday online activities and ESET’s perfect balance of speed, detection, and usability. It’s committed to detect and neutralize all types of digital threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms, and spyware.

And the vulnerability of ESET Smart Security seems for limited spots on your computer. This feature helps you to identify and give the solution to that issue. Such as outdated software and expiry of your license key of Eset Smart Security.

This is the best way to clear out applications you no longer require so your computer runs faster. Also strengthens vulnerabilities where ransomware and hackers manage to sneak in.

Below are some of the vulnerabilities that Eset Smart Security provided to you for protecting your system:

Security Reports

Provide you the ability in real time to see what threats have recently been blocked. We wanted to empower our customers to know that their security solution is working silently in the background; if you don’t hear from us, it means we are doing our job. Now, you can see the actions.It gives users with an overview of what ESET‘s solution has been actively recognizing, blocking and mitigating in the background.

Improvements to Product Installation

Instantly cut down the installation time by about 40 percent, so installation of new ESET products will now only take a couple of seconds. Antivirus Eset is comprehended for its high speed and low system impact; this is just another one of the ways we deliver.  

Connected Home Monitor

To assist in protecting devices connected to users routers as Eset Smart Security was first launched in October 2017. Now Eset Smart Security permits their users to examine vulnerabilities like weak passwords and recommends possible fixes for router-connected modern devices. It also lets users scan for port vulnerabilities, known firmware vulnerabilities, malicious domains, weak or default router password and malware infections.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

As you know the general data protection regulation has placed directives in an area as to how corporations have to handle data. Such that, the latest release of ESET’s consumer products has been evolved for the GDPR environment.


Predicaments for all of the problems listed have been made available through regular in-product updates which are automatically downloaded by ESET products. The following updates and module versions solve the issues mentioned in this report:

  • Virus trademark database 12157 and later
  • Archive assistance module 1232 and later (distributed with virus signature database 11884)
  • High-level heuristics module 1160 and later (distributed with virus signature database 12167)

To ensure that you are not exposed to these issues: Make sure that clients on your network or personal computers are using virus signature database 11905 or later to resolve all issues reported. Visit the appropriate Knowledgebase article below to check which virus signature database version is in use on your network or personal computer: