I personally appreciate and suggest ESET Nod32 and Antivirus Smart Security suite for everyone. Although there are times when you want to test some other antivirus solution on your computer or maybe want to use a different version of the same ESET antivirus and that would demand you to uninstall the current Nod32 antivirus totally from your PC.

Nowadays many people face the issue of removing the antivirus or internet security software’s from their system completely.  May new security suites and antivirus software emerge and people slip on to them for many reasons. A little while back I installed the Eset Smart Security in my windows 7 system and later I thought of uninstalling it but even after trying many times the uninstall of Smart Security was not complete. The software went irremovable from the system.  After trying much I was not able to remove Smart Security from the computer. Are you meeting a similar situation like Eset Smart Security Uninstaller not working, Smart Security cannot be removed. We are providing the solution for uninstalling your running Antivirus:

The Usual Uninstall of Eset Antivirus

Firstly, try working the uninstall tool of your Eset Antivirus with administrative privileges. For this right click Eset Uninstall tool from the start menu and select Run as Administrator in Vista/ Windows 7. Otherwise, follow the below step.

1) Go to the Control Panel and select Add or Remove Programs and run the Smart Security uninstaller from there. And Users of Windows 7 type this in the Address Bar of Windows Explorer. All Control Panel Items Programs and Features it will directly take you to the Add or Remove Programs area.

2) Right Click Eset Smart Security / Eset Antivirus and choose Change and choose to Remove and continue with the uninstallation Process.

If This normal uninstall or removal of Eset Smart Security did not work then attempt removal tool way.

Uninstalling Smart Security with the Smart Security Removal Tool

The removal tool for Smart Security is made for situations where you cannot uninstall the software in normal ways.

1) To do with the help of Removal Tool, you require to Download Eset Smart Security.

2) Right Click the Eset Smart Security Removal Tool icon and choose Run as Administrator in Vista/ Windows 7. And XP Users just need to run the tool via manually.

3) For the changes to take effect you need to restart your computer after the 4th step.


In most situations, this way will uninstall Smart Security from your device completely.


Whenever you face any difficulty in uninstalling Eset Smart Security, you can contact the Eset technical support team for the antivirus problems. You only have to choice the relevant category, and then post your question. And for posting, it is essential to log in using your own Account or the Facebook account. Eset support teams are composed and are ready to deliver you with unequaled support by online services, toll-free number +(1)-844-489-7268 or e-mail support@esetsupportnumber.com. Eset customer phone number service is committed to being approachable to your needs and to providing you with the utmost level of technical support and above all these services are available 24×7 hours through the year.