The place where you find everything in just one click that is internet where you google everything but you have to know that the internet is not a secure place. In order to download files from the phishing website and visit them in search to fulfill your needs and download random files and receive hazardous computer viruses in your computer. Some of them are diffused via free programs, email, pop-messages and so on.

Furthermore, the virus will enter when you insert CDs, USBs, and DVDs which is infected and may put out your files to delete or corrupt. Seldom, the dangerous malicious software will effectively damage the computer, yield security or erase important information. Therefore, it is essential to have good Antivirus software to detect and remove viruses before they do harm to your computer.

Types of Malware

To recognize the need for Antivirus protection in your computer, you should understand the different types of malware (Malicious Software) which has the ability to disrupt your computer.


Desktop viruses are of various types and quite hard to catch and they disappear in the existing program files to expand to different programs like biological viruses.


Spyware is a way to take your personal information like address, passwords, bank details and much more.


Trojans is a trickery program which does not replicate themselves like a virus but they can be just as destructive.


It is a standalone virus which spreads themselves automatically to other networks.


The rootkit is being installed by a human which is difficult to detect.


Keyloggers are same as spyware to collect your financial and personal data.


Organizations create pop-up ads with a less dangerous influence which needs your assistance to get installed on your PC.


Spam programs by hackers can be called as backdoors and they will be installed for a unique mission.

Not only these, but there are also some more existing unsafe programs like Wabbits, URL injectors and so on which could cause you to lose some important computer files.