ESET Anti-virus protects your computer without creating it to lag. ESET Antivirus is a good security tool for your computer and laptops. To protect you from malicious activities that are happening via the internet, USB, CD, and Pendrive. It’s malware detection and protection score is calculated to above average. And also as calculated in lab tests the ESET scored above average with blocked 99 percent malware samples and more than 300 which is used to test antivirus software. Holding the position of a good solution for protecting your desktop data or laptops. Therefore, download the Eset smart security from the internet or buy through the official site of Eset to protect your computer from these malicious activities such as viruses, phishing protection, trojans, worms, spyware, and rootkits ransomware.

The advantage of download Eset is that it recognize virus without manual setting to enable it. And Eset online Scanner prevents you from visiting sites that are known to have malware hidden on them. In our experiment, the easiest application to use after easy downloading and installation is ESET NOD32. The reason behind that is by clicking on the downloaded link of Eset NOD32 the process of installing starts itself. Automatically when the installation has done, it starts scanning your computer for any threats.

The benefit of Eset download is you did not have to set up anything manually. And you don’t need to enable any settings of a browser extension. Since Eset blocked malicious sites and performed the task of warning messages in your browser with a display. When we were active to schedule scans and set up custom scans, ESET made so well to put out that we were quickly able to find the function tabs and links we demanded.


This antivirus software provides to you email scans process to detect malware of messages and their attachments appear in your inbox. It also detects viruses of your USB when you plug it into your device(computer, laptop) through scanning process to preserve you from external threats. Additionally, includes cell phones, it will start scanning your phone just after plugging into the computer to protect the computer as well as the phone at the same time. That you had connected through the USB port.ESET scans data in real time as they open to secure malicious files do not create any problems. We observed this happen often during our test when viruses tried to download from the web. ESET is keen to recognize threats, prevent the downloads and separate the threats before they could affect your computer.

ESET antivirus software connects to an online database to stay updated on the most recent virus threats. But one con of Eset antivirus is some security tools such as firmware, and the spam filter did not include with the software. While most applications automatically update themselves but ESET requires you to update the virus signatures database yourself. The only feature that will do manually. This is achieved by simply clicking the Update button, but it does generate a vulnerability if you do not remember to update the program often. Eset Antivirus software will alert you when the database requires to be updated.